HCG water closets are provided with pre-installed precise tank fittings that ensure exact water consumption every flush. Every valve fitting and coupling is accurately installed and tightened at 70 inch-pound using a torque wrench. This prevents any leakage and breakage usually seen in water closets whose tank fittings aren’t pre-installed.


With water-saving technology such as dual flush volume and flush technology, Geberit  has  established   new   standard   in   water management.  HCG is the first manufacturer in the Philippines to adopt the Geberit     tank  fitting for selective water closets.   All  HCG water  closets   with Geberit       tank  fitting are offered with five (5) years warranty.

Flushing Technology

Based on 80 years technical innovations from HCG, now S-FORCE system brings people the most powerful siphon action in the industry.

1.3 inch Geberit flush valve with 4.2 Liter/Second flow rate discharges the tank volume in 1.5 seconds, thus provides a faster & powerful flushing in the toilet bowl.

2.HCG latest siphon dual jet trap way design makes the siphon action starts in 2 seconds after push the button and creates more efficient flush performance than all the traditional siphon design.

3. Larger trapway design which is far beyond the international specs, perfectly prevents toilet clogging.

Performance :
HCG S-FORCE system complied 1000g standard MaP specimen per 6 liters flush, which is almost 3 times of the High-Efficiency Toilets (350g per 6 liters flush) adopted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),U.S.



True to its passion for fine detail and technological innovation, HCG pioneered in adopting the Nano-size Formulated Glaze Application, creating the patented Innoglaze. Innoglaze ensures dirt and bacterial protection for HCGproducts by glazing the whole of a product’s surface at micro-level-resulting in the industry’s smoothest and glossiest finish.

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