HCG Brand History

Mr. Hocheng Chiu established Hocheng Pottery Manufacturing in Taiwan Mr. Hocheng Chiu and Designers First Hocheng Manufacture Plant First HCG Ceramic Toilet

International Brand Transformation

In 1931, Mr. Hocheng Chiu established Hocheng Pottery Manufacturing in Taiwan with an initial capital of USD 12.50.

In 1962, HCG constructed a 70 meter tunnel kiln in Taiwan.

In 1981, HCG launched its new global logo to signify its entry into the international market scene.

In 1984, HCG engaged in a joint venture with Moen, Inc. to internationally distribute faucets through the establishment of the Hostan Company. HCG  introduced the first one-piece silent water closet in Taiwan, the Alps series which sold more than 100,000 units in sales in the first year alone.

In 1991, HCG was the first bathroom company to be listed publicly in the Taiwan Stock Exchange, with over 50% market shares.

In 1993, HCG launched its first showroom in Xiamen to penetrate the Mainland China market.

In 1994, to further strengthen its position in the international market, HCG successfully raised USD 80 Million through the issuance of Global Deposit Receipts.

In 1995, HCG was recognized as part of the Top 10 Bathroom Manufacturers by American Ceramics Magazine and as one of the Top 100 Corporations by Forbes Magazine.

In 1996, HCG’s China plant began mass production and established four offices for expansion of Chinese market.

In 1998, HCG built a manufacturing facility in the Philippines to cater to both the Southeast Asian and US markets. Famous singer and actor Andy Lau sang, “The Toilet” and HCG became the first in the industry and Asia to have a celebrity endorser.


In 2000, HCG became the NO1 bathroom fixtures company in Philippines, with more than 55% market share.

In 2005, Lazuli International Corporation was established to carry renowned international brands to provide complete bathroom solutions. HCG became the No 1 bathroom fixtures company in Philippines, with more than 55% market share. HCG was certified as one of China’s top brands.

In 2007, HCG Suzhou factory received ISO 14001 certification.HCG established its Indonesia office. HCG received Triple A certification from the Sanitary Fixture Association of China. All HCG global resources were unified under one mother company – HCG Holdings.

In 2008,HCG received Triple A certification from the Sanitary Ware Association of China.HCG re-consolidated all global resources to put up HCG Holdings and UPEX Trading in China.

In June of 2009 ,  LAZULI International opened its first flagship store in Suzhou Champion Marvelous Living which is the top-level sanitary living hall on 1000m2 of land.

In August of 2009, HCG Group and Lota Group united for setting a joint venture corporation — Yota China Corporation, which helped to optimize HCG brand`s influence in Chinese market.

In 2010, HCG supported 2010 Shanghai Expo projects  and was honored  ” partnership” of  Expo Chinese Private Enterprise Pavilion.


Sekilas HCG Indonesia

Pada bulan Mei 2007, didirikanlah PT.HCG Indonesia sebagai wujud eksistensi dan konsistensi HCG dalam komitmennya untuk terus menerus menyediakan produk-produk berkualitas tinggi.

Sejak awal didirikan sampai saat ini, PT.HCG Indonesia telah menunjukkan pertumbuhan yang cukup signifikan.

Dengan didukung produk yang variatif dan berkualitas, layanan purna jual yang baik, dan dengan pemilihan jalur distribusi yang sesuai, diharapkan PT.HCG Indonesia akan terus bertumbuh dan berkembang di kemudian hari.

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